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One of the things we hear quiet often is that golfers aren’t aware that the driving range at the Ballarat Golf Club is open to non-members. Well it most certainly is, non-members are not only allowed but are most welcome and encouraged to utilise the best practice facilities in Ballarat. The practice fairway is over 250 metres in length with target flags positioned every 50 metres. These flags are situated on slightly raised target greens, along with these target greens are many others situated throughout the beautifully maintained santa ana couch fairway allowing for consistent landing and bounce conditions. The grass tee is over 1000 square metres and with our new synthetic turf tee now installed we have superb playing conditions 12 months of the year. While you’re there working on your long game don’t forget to utilise the wonderful short game area and practice putting green before leaving. These are available for your use at no additional cost. Be sure to observe the Ballarat Golf Clubs dress regulations outlined on their website as these must be observed on both the golf course and practice facilities.


There are now three sizes of range ball buckets available-

  • Small – approx. 35 balls, $5
  • Large – approx. 70 balls, $7
  • Jumbo – approx. 110 balls, $10

Range Membership

This gives the purchaser unlimited use of the driving range during hours of operation.

  • Adult - $500
  • Junior - $300
  • Family - $750
  • Saturday Only - $200

Hours of Operation

Range balls can be purchased from the Ballarat On Course Pro Shop during the following hours that the Pro Shop is open.

Pro Shop Opening Hours (Daylight Savings)

  • Monday – 7:00-7:00
  • Tuesday – 7:00-7:00
  • Wednesday – 7:00-7:00
  • Thursday – 7:00-7:30
  • Friday – 7:00- 7:00
  • Saturday – 6:30-7:00
  • Sunday – 6:30-7:00
  • Public Holidays – 6:30-7:00

Pro Shop Opening Hours (Non Daylight Savings)

  • Monday – 7:30-6:00
  • Tuesday – 7:30-6:00
  • Wednesday – 7:30-6:00
  • Thursday – 7:30-6:30
  • Friday – 7:30-6:00
  • Saturday – 6:30-6:00
  • Sunday – 6:30-6:00
  • Public Holidays – 6:30-6:00

The only exception to this is on Monday evenings when balls are collected to allow the ground staff to mow the range on a Tuesday morning. The range reopens as soon as the mowing is complete on a Tuesday morning normally around 9:30am